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Dragon Boat Race

Smart’s Director Denise Davies was asked to be a crew member (more specifically the drummer to maintain pace) for  one of their clients Signspeed in the Dragon Boat Race that was held at Llys y Fran on the 25 May.

It was a fantastic day, we won all of our heat races and came fifth overall out of about 16 teams.  Our greatest victory was in whooping the Radio Pembrokeshire team.  Karl Hartley of Radio Pembrokeshire had been bragging all week over the air, all in good humour, that they were going to leave is far behind in their wake!  Sorry boys who was it that got left behind?

This was organised by Narberth Rotary and is going to be an annual event, the next one being 24th May 2015.  It really is so much fun, was a  brilliant day and definitely well worth a go.  Take a look at some of the pictures of our team from the day…

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